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Capescor International, Inc

Carbon & Stainless Steel Traders

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Mission: Provide flawless SERVICE & VALUE to our business partners in the niche sectors of the steel industry, by building sustained business RELATIONSHIPS through PERFORMANCE and provide alternate SOLUTIONS to our business partners' problems. Business and relations with our business partners will be conducted in the spirit of honesty & trust aimed at their success, thereby ensuring our success.


 Carbon Steel

About Us:
We are a NewYork, USA, based company, incorporated in 2005. Capescor International, Inc is a worldwide carbon and stainless steel trading company and we also serve as brokers for our business partners by dealing directly with the steel mills for many reasons, including the promise of lower costs overseas.
Mettalurgy of Steel

Operating Philosophy:
Capescor International, Incs' operating philosophy is that of:

* Specialisation in niche markets

* Identification of low volume, high value commodities, the end users of which require and benefit
from risk management and cost effective proposals.
This individual and personalised approach has resulted in many customers seeking and requiring our services as a fundamental element when looking for solutions to purchase and supply needs.
We strive to provide a competitive deal, wherein our business partners obtain their steel at a more competitive price point, than the higher priced domestically produced steel. As a consequence, long-term working relationships have been established with many trading partners.
The result is a sharp competitive edge and genuinely international success.
We hope to establish a beneficial relation with your esteemed company and look forward to your business!
Capescor International, Inc
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